Definitions and Objectives of 2017 Themes

Fundraising and Development

Building and maintaining a stable base of donors is crucial to any nonprofit organization. Knowing how to establish relationships with potential donors, facilitate donations and build long-term engagement is essential if you seek a management role in development. An understanding of development is also essential for any emerging leader who aims for an executive position or to work with a Board of Directors.

Key Objectives:
Sharpen your development skill set
Increase your capacity to fund raise
Gain insights into gift solicitation and donor relations


The need for marketing and communication specialists is a growing trend in arts organizations. Involving social media, press releases, printed and electronic communications, and creating original content are some of the many responsibilities which now fall into this important arena.

Key Objectives:
Increase your effectiveness in communications and writing skill sets
Better understand media relations, social media, and marketing campaigns

Arts Education

Arts organizations now have added opportunities and responsibilities to act as art educators. Education is a fundamental program in any institution and educators need to be skilled with teaching techniques, curriculum development, and program initiatives.

Key Objectives:
Facilitate a multidisciplinary program on arts education
Enhance skills necessary inside and outside the classroom

Community Leadership

Emerging leaders seeking to make a larger impact in San Diego or the arts community often desire to take their skills outside of their organization. Building a good reputation, taking part in civic events, presenting to city and county governments and speaking at national conferences are all a part of being a community leader.

Key Objectives:
Increase your effectiveness as a leader and presenter
Expand your network
Increase your reach; find new leadership roles

Arts Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurism is a growing focus on the business aspect of the arts. From art galleries to art fairs, the individuals driving the arts business industries are receiving international recognition. This new theme is an excellent area for working artists or emerging entrepreneurs with an art focus,

Key Objectives:
Learn best business practices for arts companies
Best interpret working artist opportunities in the community